I’m voting to re-elect First Selectman Kevin Moynihan


Successfully Led the Town through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Together, our talented team of health professionals and first responders, School Superintendent Dr. Bryan Luizzi, residents, students, teachers, town employees, seniors, and local businesses worked to successfully navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. We did the job better than most cities and towns in Connecticut because we were disciplined, courageous, and wise. Most importantly, we kept our students learning and kept our local businesses thriving.

In addition, I spearheaded the allocation of almost $3 million of federal American Rescue Plan Act funds that were used to help 30 New Canaan nonprofits recover from the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Portions of the funding were used to develop the New Canaan Urgent Assessment Program at Silver Hill Hospital; a new telemedicine service with Waveny LifeCare Network; and an energy-saving Combined Heat and Power project with the New Canaan YMCA.

Improvement of New Canaan’s Infrastructure, Schools, and Cultural Aspects

During my stewardship, I have worked tirelessly to make the Town a better place to live for all residents. Here are some examples:

Brought Eversource back to the table: In January 2017, I invited Eversource Gas to come back to the table in an effort to bring natural gas to New Canaan. As a result, Eversource invested more than $30 million in our community and now several Town buildings, four of our five schools, many businesses, and hundreds of single-family homes and condos in the downtown area have access to natural gas.

Solar energy investment: I led the effort to bring solar energy to buildings and all five schools, making the Town a more sustainable community. With natural gas now available, five town buildings have Combined Heat and Power facilities that will save money on heating and electricity costs.

Supported public/private partnerships: These partnerships fostered the development of the Waveny Park Conservancy (which I inspired as a Town Council member in 2015) and the New Canaan Athletic Foundation. Annual capital appropriations were implemented to match investments in Waveny Park by the Conservancy and at Dunning Stadium where athletic facilities and fields were improved.

Backed construction of new New Canaan Library: Supported the Town’s commitment of a $10 million construction grant and engineered a cost-saving parking solution for the Library’s use of the under-utilized Center Parking lot for Library patron parking. As a member of the Town Council, I helped the Library acquire a parcel of property on South Avenue that was essential to the Library proceeding with its building plan.

Preserved and re-opened The Playhouse: Participated in the effort to preserve and re-open The Playhouse as a first-run movie theater. New Canaan investors and a New Jersey company are teaming up to have The Playhouse renovated in time for its 100-year anniversary later this year.

Open space and historic preservation: Worked to transfer the responsibility for stewardship of Bristow Bird Sanctuary from the Parks & Recreation Department to the Conservation Commission and implemented a five-year plan to restore Bristow to prominence as a wildlife preserve.

Working with the New Canaan Land Trust, we protected the Grupe House on Valley Road from demolition and succeeded in enabling the Land Trust to acquire the house and two additional acres of open space from the Norwalk Water Company to merge it with the Land Trust’s adjacent 10-acre Brown Preserve.

Support of New Canaan Public Schools: I continue to support School Superintendent Dr. Bryan Luizzi and the Board of Education as they maintain the excellence of the New Canaan Public Schools. I appreciate and respect the talented team of administrators and teachers that Dr. Luizzi leads.

Upgraded Cellular Service in Many Areas

In 2016, it was estimated that only 40 percent of town residents had reliable cell phone service. In August 2016, a plan was approved to improve cell service by adding more cell tower infrastructure, especially in the north, west and east areas of town. By 2022, a cell tower on private property on Soundview Lane next to St. Luke’s School was activated with AT&T (with Verizon recently being activated as well). In December of the same year, a public safety/cell tower was approved for private property on Ponus Ridge Road next to Laurel Reservoir with construction of the tower scheduled to begin soon. The Town still needs to find additional cellular macro-site solutions on the west and east sides of town.


I have lived in New Canaan 42 years, moving from Chicago with my wife Mim and our two young children. When I moved to New Canaan, I was a life-long Democrat who grew up in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts. At the time, New Canaan was a majority Republican town and I found New Canaan Republicans to be very interesting and welcoming people – which they still are, as are the Democrats in town!

I was elected to my initial term as First Selectman in 2017 after I challenged incumbent Republican First Selectman Rob Mallozzi III at the Republican Caucus. I ran on a platform of improving cellular phone service, successfully completing the job of bringing natural gas to town, addressing a then perceived need for more commuter parking, and improving financial administration and transparency in government. I am very proud of all that we’ve accomplished in the last 5½ years.

We raised our two children here and both attended New Canaan public schools. We are blessed to be parishoners at St. Aloysius Roman Catholic Church and members of the Field Club and the Country Club of New Canaan.